Welcome Message

Dear my respected colleagues,

Thank you for your interest in the 10th IRSS.

First of all, we would like to express our full respect to those who leads minimally invasive, functional preservation surgery for better treatment of head and neck cancer patients.

We have been making preparations to host the 10th International Robotic Surgery Symposium (10th IRSS) in Seoul, South Korea from October 24 to 26 this year. However, the infectious disease caused by COVID-19, which started at the end of last year, quickly spread around the world, and many people are still suffering from its effects. For this reason, we have decided to hold the 10th IRSS as a Virtual Symposium from October 24 to 25. For those unable to travel due to coronavirus restrictions, this symposium offers both “Live-Stream” and “Pre-recorded” Virtual Symposium.

In light of the above, the 10th IRSS Organizing Committee has chosen “New Momentum of Remoteness in Surgery via Online Approach” as the theme of this year’s symposium. The 10th IRSS will cover all kinds of HN surgery especially including TORS & Robotic HN Surgery using da Vinci SP® system.

There will be the informative and up to date sessions during 2 days. Both days will include “Live-Stream” Unedited Robotic HN Surgeries with interactive discussion / Grand Debates and “Pre-recorded” Keynote Speakers / Symposium / Master of Surgery. Also, we are planning to upload all the video lectures for a certain period of time to widely offer participants a chance to experience your talk again at our website.

Although the COVID-19 pandemic has been brought a crisis to our everyday life and also to the symposium, however We believe that 10th IRSS Virtual Meeting will bring innovative and further advancement to the scientific level and quality of the study of robotic surgery. It could be easier to access and more efficient. On this account, we would like to ask you for your support and interest for upcoming 10th IRSS.

We had very much been looking forward to interacting with many participants from all over the world, but under the present circumstances, we consider it an unavoidable decision. Thank you in advance for your understanding and encouragement as it will be tremendously helpful to finish this online meeting successfully. Next year, we look forward to hold a more fruitful and a much bigger symposium than this year.

I wish your health, and hope I can see you face-to-face safely before long.

Best regards,